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Freight Broker Agency Owners Wanted!

Welcome to the New World of Freight Brokering!


Please DO NOT Schedule a Meeting with a "Business Operation Coach" if you have not completed Steps  1 & 2 below. We are looking to train and partner with the right candidates. If you have additional questions please schedule an Overview with the CEO.

All potential Freight Broker Agency Owners are required to complete the Online On The Job Training Course. Our training program is designed to let you Earn while you Learn, Build your Own Freight Agency, Build your Book of Business, and attain the skills manage and operate a successful Freight Broker. GUARANTEED FREIGHT BROKER AGENCY OPPORTUNITY after completing our Online Job Training!!

Our Selection Process is Transparent, Easy & Simple:

Step 1: Review the Freight Broker Agency Owner Video

Step 2: Enroll Into our Online Broker Training. Review Curriculum | Click Here

Step 3: Select Your Freight Broker Agency Name. Review Setup Form | Click Here

Step 4: We create & Build your Agency Website. Review Sample Website | Click Here

Step 5: Download & Email the Training Certificate After Completing the Online Training.

Step 6: Based upon you completing the training, we will start to build your Agency Website.

Step 7: We will recommend three (3) industry websites that will assist you with "Finding Shipper Customers". We also provide you with 10-15 Potential Customer Leads Monthly.

Important Note: We cover 99% of the operation cost. You are responsible for only paying for your Freight Broker Agency Website.

Freight Broker Agency Opportunity Information:

  • Freight is processed & moved with our DHL Freight Partner.

  • 35% Paid Off Profit. Use The Pay Calculator | Click Here

  • Paid Bi-Weekly based on Proof of Delivery (POD).

  • Insurance and Bond provided by us.

  • Carriers (Drivers) paid by us.


Negotiate a higher Profit Percentage Payout Based on Performance. Average Industry Pay is $55,800 & Top Freight Broker Industry Pay is $260,500.


Operation Note: After Completing Steps 1 & 2 please schedule a meeting with a "Business Operation Coach" (BOC) by Clicking Here and Scheduling your Meeting so we can immediately start creating and building your Agency Website. The websites are completed within approximately 7 days. Click Here to start the in-processing of setting up your Agency Website.

Own your Skills and Success:

Our program is designed to let you own your own skills and success. If you have good customer service skills, relationship building skills, communication skills, sales skills or marketing skills why not own your skills. Our founder believes if you do not own your own skills then someone else will.

We are looking to partner with the right individuals. We train you and provide you with all the tools and resources needed to start, manage, operate, and grow your agency.


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