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TranMazon Last Mile Delivery

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TranMazon provides Last Mile or Final Delivery Services for Amazon, Army, Air Forces, Department of Defense (DOD) and several other Top Retail companies. We are always looking for good drivers, no experience required, no CDL required just a regular driving license with good driving history.

What is Last Mile Delivery?

Last mile delivery refers to the very last step of the delivery process when a parcel is moved from a transportation hub to its final destination—which, usually, is a personal residence or retail store.

This is the most critical step in the delivery process, and the one that businesses want to ensure is as quick and efficient as possible. This is to keep up with the continually increasing consumer demand for speedy shipping, especially in e-commerce, food, and retail industries. It also happens to be the most expensive leg of the journey that goods take to reach their ultimate destination.

TranMazon is helping companies solve the Last Mile Problem

If you've ever tracked a package in real time online and saw that it was "out for delivery" for what felt like forever, you already understand that the last mile problem is inefficiency. That's because the final leg of shipment typically involves multiple stops with low drop sizes.

In rural areas, delivery points along a particular route could be several miles apart, with only one or two packages getting dropped off at each one. In cities, the outlook isn't much better; what urban areas make up for in stop proximity is quickly negated by the near constant delays of traffic congestion.

The costs and inefficiencies of the last mile problem have only been further compounded by the continuous rise of ecommerce in US retail sales, which has dramatically increased the number of parcels delivered each day, as well as raised customer expectations to include not just fast, they want their delivery in one day……..TranMazon is helping companies meet this requirement.

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