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Virtual Branch Partner (VBP) Profile | Setup

Let's get the Virtual Branch Partner (VBP) in-processing started (Easy as 1-2-3).


Step 1: Process your Virtual Branch Operation Services, Systems and Admin Fee of $199 | Click Here

Note: Fillout & Complete the below Branch Operation Setup Form after you have completed Step 1 and you will also get INSTANT Access to your Online Office with Branch Training Curriculum.

Step 2: Once you process your VBP Branch Operation Fee, please call or email the President of Operation (Beverely Collier) @ 800-872-6219 Ext 701 or email

Step 3: TranMazon In-Processing Team will take care of the below

  • Company Branch Website in your Company Name will be setup within 14 Days or sooner

  • Transportation Management System (TMS) (Setup within 24-48 hours

  • Access to Clear System for Hiring & Recruiting Virtual Agents

  • Assigned a Branch Business Coach

Important Notes: 

  • While waiting on your own Company Branch Website you can use our Virtual Branch Partner Website:

  • If you DO NOT have or own your company website name, please click here (www.TranMazon.Info) to purchase your Company Website Name

  • We will provide you with additional information to update your Company Branch Website Name Server once your website are Ready to go LIVE


Operation Note: Once ALL the Steps are completed your branch operation will become Active:

  • Virtual Branch Partner (VBP) Branch Operation Fee of $199 is NON-REFUNDABLE.