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Becoming a Freight Broker the TranMazon Way.....
Virtual Freight Broker Partners Wanted!!

Important Freight Broker Industry Notes:

As a Virtual Freight Brokerage Owner, you operate under our License and Authority. The Industry Cost is based on you attaining and working under your own Federal Government License and Authority. 

For example, the amount of your bond is $75,000 per year. If you become a Freight Broker, The Industry Way, the cost of your bond will depend mostly on your credit and your experience.  If you have a good credit score, you will end up paying between 1.25% and 4% of the total bond cost, which will be somewhere between $938 and $3,000 a year. If your credit score is not so good, then you can expect to pay a premium of up to 12%.

If you become a Freight Broker The TranMazon Way, credit is not required and you pay $0 for the Freight Broker Bond. We cover the cost of the bond because you are under our License Authority and we also allow you to Learn and Earn at the same time……

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Virtual Freight Broker Partners (VFBP)

Own your Success as a Virtual Freight Brokerage Partner (VFBP) with TranMazon. Our goal is to provide the best in the industry freight services by using the best technology and Transportation Management System (TMS).

Our Virtual Freight Brokerage Partner (VFBP) will be responsible for building a book of business by assisting shipper customers with getting access to good rates, pricing, and carriers with our Transportation Management System platform.

The Right Opportunity:

If you are looking for an opportunity to earn above average income and profit based on your performance and truly own your success, then start your own business as an TranMazon Virtual Freight Brokerage Owner (VFBP), providing good freight services to shipper customers across the USA.

We have one of the most affordable ground floor opportunities available. Schedule One-on-One Telephone Overview (SEE VIDEO BELOW)

You bring your talent and skills; we'll bring the rest:

We are looking for hands-on candidates who are passionate and understand that Rome wasn’t built in one day. With low startup costs, industry demand, and access to TranMazon technology and logistics experience, this is an opportunity to build and grow a successful freight business. Join our team of Virtual Freight Brokerage Partner (VFBP) in one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. No matter how good or bad the economy is doing, products must be shipped from “Point A to point B” and keep in mind everything that you touch must be shipped.

The TranMazon Advantage:

  • Very Low startup costs.

  • We allow you to operate under our DOT | FMCSA License and Authority.

  • Start your business with as little as $6.63 as your Daily Operation Cost.

  • We allow you to pay your Operation Cost Monthly.

  • Once you start building your book of business, we also allow you to deduct your Operation Cost from your Profit.

  • We Pay Every Friday based on Proof of Delivery (POD).

  • Freight and Logistics experience not required.

  • Use our technology, processes, and more than 30 years of logistics experience to set up and run your freight business.

  • Support, when you need it.

  • TranMazon experience is behind you every step of the way, from hands-on training to on-demand support to ensure your operation runs smoothly.

  • We build and provide you with your Own Company Website, no additional cost.

  • We provide you with the industry best Transportation Management System (TMS), no additional cost.

  • We provide you access to our Freight Broker Training Center, no additional cost | CLICK HERE

  • We provide the freight Bond Coverage of $75,000 required by Department of Transportation (DOT).

  • We provide a $ 2 Million Aggregate and Product Insurance for shipper customers.

  • We provide the customer shippers line of credit “Ship Now Pay Later”.

  • We pay the Carriers | Drivers.

  • We assign you a Freight Coach to assist you on your journey.


Commitment to Diversity:

We're a proud Veteran Own Company. We designed this opportunity to help reduce the barriers to entry in the freight brokerage industry we’re investing in building a future for diverse business owners to serve the logistics communities.

Successful Virtual Freight Broker Partners (VFBP) can expect:

Annual Income Profit Potential based on Performance | $54,000 - $300,000

See Freight Broker Profit Pay Calculator Above....

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Who are great Virtual Freight Brokerage Partner (VFBP)?

Self-Motivated individuals that understand Rome wasn’t built in one day, individuals who know how to network and build relationships.  The hardest part of being a successful owner is marketing yourself to customer shippers.

We are “Service Providers”, and we have no upfront cost for our services. We give our shipper customers access to our Free Transportation Management System (TMS) and our money “Ship Now Pay Later”, you must work on building a relationship.

Owning a freight business takes strong leadership along with a lot of grit and hard work, if you are up for the challenge, we want to partner with you. Just bring your leadership skills, and we will provide you with all of the technology and operational support you'll need.

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