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Virtual Branch Partner Operation Overview Video

Virtual Branch Partner (VBP) Wanted:

Our Virtual Branch Partners (VBP) will assist and provide customers (shippers) with the best rates and prices from the industry top carriers by using our best in industry Transportation Management System (TMS).

 No matter what is going on in the World, good or bad economic items and products must be shipped and moved from Point” A” to Point “B”, and customers (shippers) such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Nike, Local Farmer, Medium or Small customers are always looking or needing some assistance with getting good prices on moving their products.

Schedule and Confirm an "Opportunity Overview" with the CEO.

The overview is designed to let you have all of your questions answered by the CEO.


TranMazon has decided to have an Open Selection Process for this New Virtual Branch Partner (VBP) Opportunity to determine “Who or What’s the Right Candidate for this Opportunity?”

We are providing our Branch Partners with the Best in Industry Technology, Resources and Transportation Management System (TMS).

We designed this opportunity so our candidates can work at their own pace, set their own schedule, work part time or full time.

Our goal is to see if a self-selected candidate that is self-driven can Learn and Earn at the same time.

Getting into the Logistics or Freight Brokerage Business has several challenges such as getting the proper training, having the proper experience or having the financial support.

TranMazon is Removing Barriers and Creating a Pathway to Ownership based on “Self Determination.”

Step I: Review the Above Video | Virtual Branch Partner Operation Overview

Step II: Review TranMazon TV Videos

  • Why Become a Virtual Branch Partner (VBP) Video

  • The Right Opportunity & Career Video

  • Tips on Becoming a Successful VBP

  • Making Money as a Virtual Branch Partner

  • Virtual Branch Partner Life


Step III: Review Tools & Resources Provided by TranMazon

  • Transportation Management System (TMS) | Click Here

  • VBP Online Resources & Learning Center | Click Here


Step IV: Review VBP Operational Information    

  • Customers Ship NOW Pay LATER

  • Access to Network Carriers (Drivers) ALL over the USA

  • Access to International Carriers to over 150 Countries

  • Access to Instant Rates and Prices to assist Customers

  • Provided Training As Needed

  • Operating under our DOT Federal Government License & Authority


Step V: Review Compensation & Revenue Information

  • Branch Revenue and Profit Paid Weekly (Friday)

  • $76,800 - $288,000 | Branch Performance Pay

  • $288,000 - $508,800 | Top Performing Branch | Click Here

  • 80% of Delivery Freight Profit | Click Here

  • 30% of Delivery Agents Team Builder Payout


Step VI: Become a TranMazon Virtual Branch Partner (VBP)

  • 1st Schedule "Opportunity Overview" with CEO | Click Here

  • 2nd Complete the Virtual Branch Partner (VBP) Profile & Setup Form | Click Here

  • 3rd Process your Virtual Branch Partner (VBP) Setup, Admin and Operation Fee | Click Here

  • 4th Get Instant Access to Learning Center (Freight Brokering 101)

  • 5th Pass TranMazon Operation Qualification Test (OQT) with 70%

  • 6th After Passing the Operation Qualification Test received training on the Transportation Management System(TMS)




































































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TranMazon TMS.png

Our Powerful Shipping Technology for Your Customers

Our easy-to-use yet powerful TMS platform for shippers takes care of everything from quoting and booking shipments, to transit and delivery visibility. Manage all your customer shipments on their behalf, or empower clients to quote and book shipments directly.

Control Platform TMS to Grow Your Branch Operation

Manage all your customers from one powerful platform. Robust and easy to use, the TranMazon TMS is your all-in-one tool for requesting quotes, booking shipments and overseeing all your customers accounts. From a single login, you’ll have access to the tools and features  you need to effectively and efficiently service your customer base.

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Very Competitive Compensation Pay

Maximize your income with highly competitive pay, we pay 80% off freight profit, this type of payout is usually for highly experienced freight candidates with a book of business. We have no territory or boundary restrictions, your income potential is in your hands. 

Access to TOP Carriers

We have access to so some of the Top Carriers (Drivers) in the USA, that include best in class relationships with top LTL carriers, TranMazon TMS can connect you and your customers  with the carrier services, equipment and capacity you need to meet clients logistical challenges.

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Online Back-Office Support | Team

TranMazon is dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to grow your business. As a TranMazon Virtual Branch Partner, we support you with training information, marketing tools, lead generation websites, personalized consulting, pricing guidance, and back-office business support, including invoicing, insurance and much more.

Branch Business Coaching

TranMazon Virtual Branch Partner get more than just operations support—you also have our cross-functional business expertise to assist you. To help you maximize your growth potential with TranMazon, we provide one-on-one business coaching with our CEO. We want to work hand-in-hand with you to develop a strategy for your long-term success.

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