Become a TranMazon Virtual Branch Partner (VBP) Today!!

Virtual Branch Partner (VBP) Wanted:


​TranMazon provides the below Tools & Resources for VBP:

  • Company (Branch) Website | Click Here

  • Transportation Management System (TMS) | Click Here

  • Recruiting & Onboarding Hiring System (Build Your Team) | Click Here

  • Customers Ship NOW Pay LATER

  • VBP Online Office | Learning & Training Curriculum

  • Access to Delivery Network (United States Plus 150 Countries)

  • Provided Training As Needed

  • Informational Videos TranMazon TV | Click Here


Important Note: Our Transportation Management System (TMS) is designed to let you work virtual from anywhere in the world. The TMS process your customers, track your customers, track your revenue, track your profit and let your branch make money 24/7/365 days a year. Example of your Company Branch Website | Click Here

VBP Opportunity & Information     

  • Branch Paid Weekly (Friday)

  • $76,800 - $288,000 | Branch Performance Pay

  • $288,000 - $508,800 | Top Performing Branch | Click Here

  • Set Your Own Hours

  • Independent Contractor

  • Monthly Performance Bonuses

  • Service Incentives Compensation

VBP Income, Profit and Revenue Streams:

  • 80% of Delivery Freight Profit | Click Here

  • 30% of Delivery Agents Team Builder Payout

Who are we looking for you?​

  • Entrepreneurial – You crave responsibility and want to shape the vision and direction of the company. You are able to discern and prioritize business needs with an ownership mentality.

  • Problem solver – You can independently translate high-level goals into actionable plans. You are comfortable with ambiguity, experimenting and failing fast.

  • Self-starter – You have a bias towards action and are able to thrive in a fast-paced work environment with constantly changing goals and while adapting to our evolving competitive landscape.

  • Relationship-builder – You can influence and motivate people at all levels across a variety of job functions. You share learnings and best practices broadly and often.

  • Naturally curious – You always look for ways to innovate and take the initiative to implement optimizations. You are driven to understand issues at the lowest level of detail.

  • Natural leader – You pride yourself on your ability to lead and motivate others. You are ready to be a culture carrier. You are comfortable holding DRI roles on cross functional teams.

  • Proven track record of leading initiatives, working cross-functionally to achieve goals, and succeeding in a flat/distributed team environment


Why Virtual Branch Partners (VBP) Love our Company?​


  • We are leaders - Leadership is not limited to our management team. It's something everyone at TranMazon embraces and embodies.

  • We are doers - We believe the only way to predict the future is to build it. Creating solutions that will lead our company and our industry is what we do -- on every project, every day.

  • We are learners - We're not afraid to dig in and uncover the truth, even if it's scary or inconvenient. Everyone here is continually learning on the job, no matter if we've been in a role for one year or one minute.

  • We are customer-obsessed - Our mission is to grow and empower local economies. We are committed to our customers, merchants, and drivers and believe in connecting people with possibility.

  • We are all TranMazon - The magic of TranMazon is our people, together making our inspiring goals attainable and driving us to greater heights.


Important Note: Branch Operation Monthly Platform Cost: $199 ($6.63 Daily)


Why TranMazon Started the Virtual Branch Partner Program?


Just before COVID 19 TranMazon was in the process of opening up several TranMazon Shipping Center Stores in approximately 14 States. We refused to let COVID 19 stop us from growing TranMazon into one of the best Logistical Transportation Company in the United States, so that is when the Virtual Branch Partner Opportunity was born and created.

The Virtual Branch Partner Opportunity was designed to allow individuals with 9-5 jobs to transition in a real virtual opportunity that can generate a six-figure income, allow them to work from home, set their own hour by using the best technology and Transportation Management System (TMS) in the industry.

We designed this opportunity to allow the right individuals to start & own their own small business for less than $7 a day. The Virtual Branch Partner can cover 95% of their operation cost based on their performance because TranMazon truly makes our revenue and profit by moving items and products from Point “A” TO Point “B”.


TranMazon Selection Process............



We have an Open Selection Process

Step 1: Review "TranMazon TV" and Complete the Virtual Branch Profile and Operation Setup Form.

Step 2: A Branch Business Coach or the CEO will Contact you within 3-5 days after submitting the Virtual Branch Profile and Operation Setup Form.

Step 3: After speaking with Business Coach or the CEO, you will be connected with TranMazon In-Processing Team to start setting up your operation.

Important Operation Note: Your Branch will operate under TranMazon Freight License and Authority

  • 1st you will receive instant access to Branch Online Office

  • 2nd we will start building your Branch Website in your Company Name and your website will be setup within 14 Days or sooner

  • 3rd you will receive access to the Operation Transportation Management System within 24-48 hours

  • 4th you will receive instant access to a Branch Business Coach (BBC)

  • 5th receive ongoing Bi-Weekly Training as Needed