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Online Logistics, Supply Chain & Freight Broker Training Courses

TranMazon Academy was started to connect Logistics Professionals and Career Seekers with best in industry logistics opportunities in the industry. We have partner up with one of the best Supply Chain & Logistics Courses developer in the world to developed cost-effective online courses devoted to helping individuals become more knowledgeable about the importance and application of freight and logistics in today’s economy. The purpose of these courses is to broaden your knowledge so as to advance their career in logistics, supply chain and transportation.

The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Training Courses and Certifications help and assist you with the below. Hundreds of Courses and Training in ALL areas of focus that are designed to help you have a successful career.

  • Get The Right Job 

  • Get The Right Career

  • Get The Promotion

  • Get The Pay Raise

  • Become Self Employed

  • Start a Small Business

  • Just Get Good Training

  • Start a Logistics Business

  • Start a Delivery Business

  • Win Delivery Contracts

  • Become a Delivery Partner

  • Become a Freight Broker

  • Become a Freight Agent

  • Start a Freight Brokerage

Whether you want to learn freight management, inventory management, procurement, and purchasing, get started with the Six Sigma certifications, or learn basic business process management. Our training courses are designed by experts to help you learn and improve yourself and your organization easily. Best in the industry Courses and Training.

Usually, to attend these pieces of training by industry experts would be out of reach due to it being extremely costly. Our mission is to enable you and your organization by utilizing the power of technology, through world-class training courses, at a fraction of the cost.

Become certified, strengthen your profile and enhance your professional life by consistently improving processes and people. Not only do we believe in bringing affordable and quality training courses to you, for each course you purchase and we also donate a course to someone in need.

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