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Offering Freight Shipping Solutions. Another step ahead.


Pay Later Details: Ship your freight or products with TranMazon Now and Pay Later with 30 Days Net. No lengthy application to fill out, just answer four quick questions, accept the terms and get a decision in minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is there a fee to use TranMazon Ship Now Pay Later?

A: There is No fee for using TranMazon Ship Now Pay Later


Q: Do you have a credit line and how much is it?

A: Yes you do. Here's how it works: open line of credit from $1,000 - $100,000 Monthly. Line of credit can and will be increase based on payment history.


Q: What does "Subject to Approval" mean?

A: TranMazon Ship Now Pay Later is a line of credit provided, we review and consider your Dun and Bradstreet Report and other credit-related business information.


Q: Can I increase my credit line?

A: Line of credit can and will be increase based on payment history.


Ship NOW Pay LATER Comes with a few Benefits:


Free up Company Cash Flow. Open Line of Credit and Pay based on usages…   

Flexibility. You can choose when you want to use our services. That means you can leverage it right now and ship today.

What’s Net 30?

You may see Net 30 written as “Net 30 days.” In these cases, “net” refers to the total number of days after the services are rendered or goods are sent for which the recipient is required to submit payment. In other words, if we perform a service for our client on July 1 and the invoice says “Net 30,” our client is expected to pay in full on or by July 30.

Some customers / shippers may elect to establish other timeframes, though 30 days is the most common. For this reason, you may sometimes see the term “Net 15, 45 or 60”.

***Net 30 make it easier our customers***

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