Our Freight Broker Courses: we will teach you how to set up your business and become a licensed freight broker. Our course will cover the successful freight broker process, from start to finish - finding shippers, prospecting shippers, calculating rates, contracting, qualifying carriers, dispatching, and more.

Freight Broker Course

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  • What You Will Learn

    Freight Brokering 101

    • The basics of freight brokering.

    • How to use the documents and software common to the industry.

    • All about transportation law, insurance, and agreements and contracts.

    • How to set up and run your business, including record keeping, determining quotes, and negotiation and marketing techniques.

    Training Overview

    TranMazon is pleased to offer a comprehensive freight broker training class.

    Learn how to start your own freight brokerage with our intensive and in-depth course.  Whether you're new to the transportation industry or already a licensed freight broker, our In-Depth Freight Broker Training course can help you.

    Everything You Need to Learn How to Become a Freight Broker

    We will teach you how to set up your business and become a licensed freight broker.  Our course will cover the successful freight broker process, from start to finish - finding shippers, prospecting shippers, calculating rates, contracting, qualifying carriers, dispatching, and more.

    Take a look at some of the benefits of our In-Depth Freight Broker Training

    We want all of our students to be successful. See our Network Jobs Available!

    Our In-Depth Freight Broker Training course provides hands on training designed to teach you how to broker freight.

    Topics Overview

    • How to set up your brokerage

    • Broker/Agent role

    • Working from home as an Agent for a Broker or Carrier

    • Perspectives of moving freight

    • Drivers view of cargo movement

    • Brokers view of working with Shippers & Carriers

    • Phone skills

    • Basic sales skills

    • Market your Services

    • Calculate rates

    • Negotiate rates with Shippers and Carriers

    • Book freight - how to find it - how to move it

    • Find out what parts of the country are "freight-hot" and where it is not

    • How to properly fill out load sheets

    • Post loads

    • Find trucks

    • Dispatch

    • Load-matching and Internet Tools & Load Boards: How to use these effectively

    • Numerous ways to find freight

    • Finance your Accounts Receivable for cash flow

    • Free or discounted software and valuable services to get you started & keep you moving forward

    • Employment options/Assistance

    • Handle claims

    • Daily accounting: billing/payables/receivables

    • Collections procedures

    • Keep your brokerage solvent

    • Develop credibility with honesty, integrity, and service (did I mention service!)

    • And of course, set up and manage your office

    • As part of this course-work, you will leave here with tools and a business plan

    • Much more!

    Curriculum of Courses Combination Training Package

    • Orientation

    • Overview of the brokerage as a business.

    • Developing and Instilling

      • Honesty

      • Integrity

      • Service

      • Negotiating

      • Information

    • The broker/freight agent similarity to the Real Estate broker/agent and Insurance broker/agent

      • The need to be Detail Oriented

      • The pressures on a broker and agent

    • Overview of the Workbook/Textbook and Legal Terminology and Scenarios

      • A Brief History of the Brokerage

      • “Why become a Broker/Agent”

      • Working from Home

      • Overview of the terminology used in Business

    • How to Become a “Licensed” Freight Broker

      • Obtaining Your Authority

      • The $75,000 Bond or Trust Fund

      • Getting a BOC-3 (Process Agent)

    • The basics

      • The Equipment

      • The Shipper

      • The Consignee

      • The Carrier

      • The Freight

      • Dispatching

      • Payables & Receivables

    • Getting Started

      • Methods to Prospect for Shippers

      • Qualifying the Shipper

      • Developing Rates

      • Terms and Conditions

      • The Load Set Up Sheet

      • Building the Shipper packet

      • Building the Carrier Packet

    •  Shippers

      • Marketing (10 sources for finding Shippers)

      • Contacting the Shipper

      • Prospecting

      • Using the Telephone

      • Handling the “Gate Keepers” and Voice Mail

      • Build Phone Dialogue Sheets

      • The Shipper Packet

      • Your Company Profile

      • Developing the Shipper Letter

      • Developing the Shipper Profile

      • Qualifying the Shipper

      • Develop the Rate with the Shipper

      • Shipper/Broker Contract

      • Development of a Shipper Database

    •  Carriers

      • The Carrier Packet

      • Finding trucks

      • Developing the Carrier Profile

      • Qualifying the Truck

      • Develop the rate with the carrier

      • Carrier/Broker Contract

      • What is a Contract between You and the Carrier?

      • Develop a Carrier Database

    • Dispatching

    • The Fine Art of Negotiation

    • Hands On Computer Instruction

      • Role Playing

      • Truck/Freight Density Stats

      • Locating Shippers

      • Qualifying Shippers

      • Developing Rates

      • Posting Loads

      • Finding Trucks

      • Using the Thomas Register

      • Using the Thomas Regional Directory

      • Qualifying Carriers

      • Mileage Calculations

      • Working the Internet Sources

        • Get Loaded

        • Truckloadrate.com

        • Thomasnet

        • Reference USA

        • Safer System

        • FMCSA

      • Training Exercises

    • Structuring your Success

      • Working Smart NOT hard

      • Factoring your Invoices

      • Getting Motivated and Staying Positive

    • Helpful Government Websites

    • Beginning your Business

      • Your Company Name

      • Banking vs. Factoring

      • Your Home Office & The IRS

      • Office Equipment

      • Printing

      • Business Structures

      • Software

    •  Miscellaneous

      • L.T.L. Freight

      • Rail/Container Freight

      • Air Freight

      • Ocean Freight

    • Review of material

    • Open forum

    • Freight Broker Final Exam

    • Focus On Getting Customers

      • Salesperson vs Helper

      • 60 Second Hook

      • First Contact

      • Interest

      • Listen & Learn

      • Qualify

      • What’s Next

      • Time

      • PROSPECT

      • Reluctance

      • Go to the Phone

      • Not To Do

      • Cold Calls, 800 Pound

      • Credibility, Capability

      • Questions, Objections

      • Closes, Road Map

      • Truths

      • Customer Service

      • Wrap Up


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