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TranMazon provides reliable and committed professionals who are available to you around the clock, all year round.  You will have direct  contact with individuals who will know your business and the best ways to address your logistical needs in every situation. You are much more than just a number to us; that’s why we deliver hands-on customer service and always strive to deliver beyond your expectations.

Our Delivery Services

TranMazon Delivery App is designed help startup, small or mid-size businesses with generating or increasing revenue and profit.

Middle or Last Mile Delivery, it’s often said that the last step is the hardest to take. This is certainly a challenge faced by many companies, retailers etc.—how to get customer orders that last mile to their front doors.

This is known as last-mile delivery, or the final part of the delivery experience when orders are delivered to waiting customers. Brands and retailers who do it right are in a great position to make money: fast fulfillment, great service, and happy shoppers. Look no further than Amazon for an example of what excellent logistics can do for a company.

What is Last-Mile Delivery?

Last-mile delivery is the final stage of the buying process when orders are delivered to customers. It’s also one of the most tricky steps, as it often involves multiple logistics partners and physical transportation. A lot can go wrong here, including late delivery, damaged goods, and stolen packages. From a business-only perspective, last-mile delivery can be a challenge because of high costs, complicated processes, and unforeseen obstacles. TranMazon Delivery App will help with all the above issues. That means fulfillment done well is a cost-saving, money-making enterprise.

Smart Delivery Technology App

From a shopper point-of-view, it’s fantastic to track your order from the point-of-sale all the way until delivery. For companies, offering any smart-delivery technology will be a big selling point for consumers. Today, the more specific these tools are, the better. Customers are coming to expect near real-time updates on the statuses of their packages.

Same-Day Delivery

TranMazon Delivery App will help you compete with the best. Another trend set by Amazon is becoming the new normal for shoppers: same-day delivery. This puts pressure on retailers to get their orders delivered before the end of the day.

First, it was Amazon’s two-day free shipping. Then, two days become one. Now, many shoppers have the option to get their orders within hours, especially if they live in an urban area or near a fulfillment center. Another change putting pressure on last-mile delivery is brick-and-mortar retailers offering same-day delivery.


TranMazon Delivery App can assist their customers with LTL, FTL, Air and Ocean Freight.  We pride ourselves in the flexibility and the capacity we are able to provide should any sudden changes need to be made.


We are focused on reducing friction. TranMazon understands and values what we can bring to our customers by simplifying and streamlining the business process. We want to let you focus on what you do best – operating.

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